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Vincent Hill

Crime Investigator, Author, Speaker

Vincent Hill Talks about the Steve McNair Case and others on Connecting Atlanta Radio

We have been looking forward in interviewing this young man and hear about his accomplishments and life fighting for justice as a Police Officer, Private Investigator and now as a Journalist.

In July of 2009, Vincent realized his true passion through the tragic death of NFL Quarterback Steve McNair.  As an outspoken critic of the investigation, Vincent began appearing on local media and radio.  In September of 2009 Vincent received the call to appear on Dateline NBC.  It was at that point Vincent realized his passion for journalism.  After appearing on Dateline, Vincent self-published a book fittingly entitled Playbook to a Murder in 2010.  In June of 2014, Vincent released the highly anticipated follow up book titled Incomplete Pass.  Incomplete Pass has received several five star ratings.

Please follow him and get more information on his books at:

Incomplete Pass


Playbook to a Murder


Playbook To A Murder
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